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An American footwear retailer of designer and name brand shoes and fashion accessories with over 500 stores in the United States and an e-commerce website.

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Helped maintain an ATG powered distributed front-end and backend to serve nearly 8 million visitors per month.

  • Establish and maintain best in-class web analytics across
  • Review existing tagging strategy, update and socialize the changes. Implement the associated code modifications.
  • Partner with business stakeholders to interpret analytics needs, identify KPI’s and implementation requirements, monitoring results and delivering analytical findings.
  • Solve for complex requirements, develop/refine the code and test tracking logic to support business requirements and scenarios for tracking.
  • Keep up to date with web analytics trends and best practices.
  • Collaboration on the definition of data contracts.
  • Development of AngularJS application interfacing with ATG services
  • Maintain marketing tech and front-end code for Point of Sale (POS), Kiosks and Associate devices.
  • Maintenance of Spring and ATG based server-side Java code.
  • Maintain and implement any code for Adobe recommendations, Site Catalyst or any product in the Adobe analytics (Omniture) family.
  • Implementation, scoping and support for the introduction of Tag Management System into the code base.
  • Implementing the data layer for all possible marketing pixel requirements.
  • Follow TDD, write, extend and maintain tests in JUnit, Jasmine, CasperJS depending on code base.
  • Help maintain and debug any issues with build tools or middleware like NodeJS, Gulp and Grunt.
  • Help set up testing harness for end to end tests and units test for AngularJS Code Base.
  • Scope out and help POC the migration of all Analytics and pixel related code to Angular.
  • Mock out Drupal Based Blog and prepare VM for performant Drupal build and changes.
  • Helped debug and test in JRuby for various analytics solutions.