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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is a leading educational and trade publisher in the United States.

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The project involved implementing analytics in various web, hybrid, mobile and unity engine powered apps. In addition there was a need to help migrate/deprecate legacy apps, re-design and architect existing applications to better use modern technologies better.


I was hired as a Technical Lead/Analytics Engineer on a contract basis to help see this project through.


  • Develop, maintain and POC analytics and data driven products.
  • Help architect and implement clickstream data products for Consumer facing applications.
  • Helped maintain current and legacy applications built on various frameworks – Bootstrap, Phoenix(Elixir/Erlang), Rails(3 & 4 - Ruby), Hybris(Java), Sitecore(.Net) and Angular(1.4 & 2 RC - Javascript) and ReactJS/Redux (Javascript).
  • Help prototype an end to end analytics pipeline using Apache Spark, and Scala.
  • Code, develop and maintain analytics solutions for iOS, tvOS, Android, Point of Sale (POS), Responsive Web apps and Games written with the Unity Engine.
  • QA and write automated tests for the various platforms to intercept and test against HTTP network requests on mobile farms.
  • QA ongoing data quality to ensure reporting accuracy and leverage specialized reporting software and data sources for the reporting/analysis process.
  • Provide thought leadership for Analytics within the organization.
  • Coordinating tags, tracking parameter implementations.
  • Advocate the use of web standards, and all modern web technologies.
  • Understand business users needs and translate them to technical requirements for implementation.
  • Provide analysis of competitor sites and identify areas of opportunity.
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