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An American telecommunications company which offers wireless products and services.

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The work involved building a Python based GIS pipeline to process vendor files and visualize results using Mapbox.

  • Developed highly performant ETL application to generate consumable vector based, highly detailed mbtiles.
  • Build integration to Apache Spark based pipeline using Pyspark/ Scala api.
  • Help architect and build out performant data pipeline from Postgres/PostGIS server to GeoJSON using GDAL and OGR libraries.
  • Build out MVC application using Django and bootstrap to manage vendors and process large KML and Shape files.
  • Code using RabbitMQ (Erlang), Celery and Redis for distributing tasks and parallel processing.
  • Build out an intermediate mbtiles rendering interface for admin to check generated vendor files and tiles.
  • Implement PostGIS workflow to help make sensor geospatial data consumable.