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Wellington Management

One of the world's largest investment management firms handling over USD 1 Trillion in client assets.

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Responsible for building out an internal Zeppelin based application powered by AWS EMR batch processing pipelines. The application measured portfolio managers and analysts contribution to alpha within the firm for any given time window.

  • Built and maintained responsive web applications using front-end frameworks, Angular, Typescript, ReactJS, Redux, Bootstrap, React-bootstrap, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, Web Services and other related technologies.
  • Helped build, analyze and maintain existing rest and soap based web services/service oriented architecture (Scala, Java, Node Js, Tomcat (Java))
  • Worked with Relational Databases like MySQL, Oracle, Aurora.
  • Repurposed Python/Ruby/Groovy scripts to Java/Python/AWS Lambda based on accepted Wellington Management standards. Eg. Automating AWS Athena Table creation for 52 tables from a generated Hive (HQL) script.
  • Built, made a case for and pushed for Scala and functional programming as an approved programming language/paradigm at Wellington Management.
  • Build end to end data pipelines for batch processing using Apache Spark on AWS EMR.
  • Build out CI, blue/green deployment workflow using CloudFormation templates and internal tools to deploy AWS EMR solution in various environments.
  • Build, maintain, document and analyze data oriented solutions built on Spark/Hadoop/Cassandra and Web Analytics.
  • Work with No SQL database/Graph database and Amazon Web Services.
  • Work with Mongo Db, Neo4j, Hadoop with MapReduce and parallel data processing concepts.
  • Help implement solutions using modem software development tools (GIT, JIRA, Maven, etc.), open source frameworks and testing methodologies.
  • Develop mobile applications/solutions using responsive web design.